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Xerox WorkCentre XD100 User Manual

Xerox workcentre xd100: user guide
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User Guide

W orkCentre XD Series



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  Summary of Contents for Xerox WorkCentre XD100

  • Page 1: User Guide

    User Guide W orkCentre XD Series 701P33177...
  • Page 2: Fcc Compliance In The Usa

    XEROX®, The Document Company®, and the stylized X are registered trademarks of Xerox Corporation and Xerox Canada Ltd. is a licensee of all the trademarks. Product names used in this guide may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies and hereby acknowledged.
  • Page 3 Web site. If your store does not stock these items, you may call the following number. In the United States and Canada: Xerox SupplyNet toll free at: 1 – 800 – 822 – 2200 Toner Cartridge: 6R914 Drum Cartridge: 13R551...
  • Page 4 1 – 800 – TEAM – XRX (1 – 800 – 832 – 6979) À l´extérieur des États-Unis et du Canada, veuillez communiquer avec votre représentant Xerox. It's Illegal In the USA It is against US law to copy copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner unless the copying falls within the "Fair Use"...
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Servicing Your WorkCentre ... iv Ordering Supplies ... iv Safety Notes... 1 Helpful Hints ... 4 Getting to Know Your WorkCentre... 5 Installation ... 6 Control Panel ... 10 Power Reduction / Auto Clear... 12 Auto Copy Function ... 12 Paper Specifications ...
  • Page 6 WorkCentre XD Properties (Printer Driver)... 44 Displaying the Driver Properties dialog from an application ... 44 Displaying the Properties dialog from the Start Menu ... 45 Displaying the Properties dialog from the Xerox Printer Services Program (Status Monitor) ... 45 Properties Tabs ... 46 On-Line Help...
  • Page 7 Table of Contents Creating WorkCentre XD Floppy Disk Installation Diskettes... 47 Enabling High Speed Printer Communications ... 48 Problem Solving ... 49 Problem Solving Chart... 49 Status Code Chart ... 51 Printing Solution Chart... 52 Technical Data... 55...
  • Page 8: Servicing Your Workcentre

    In the USA and Canada Should you be unable to resolve a problem after using the Problem Solving section of this manual, place a call to the Xerox Customer Support Center 1 – 800 – TEAM – XRX (1 – 800 – 832 – 6979) The Customer Support Representative can solve many problems over the phone.
  • Page 9: Safety Notes

    Safety Notes Your WorkCentre and supplies have been designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements. These include safety agency examination and approval, and compliance to established environmental standards. Please read the following instructions carefully before operating the WorkCentre and refer to them as needed to ensure the continued safe operation of your WorkCentre.
  • Page 10 Safety Notes This WorkCentre should be operated from the type of power source indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power available, consult your local power company. Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord. Do not locate the WorkCentre where persons will step on the cord.
  • Page 11 Ozone: This product produces ozone during normal operation. The ozone produced is dependent on copy volume and is heavier than air. Providing the correct environmental parameter, as specified in the Xerox installation procedures, ensure that concentration levels meet safe limits.
  • Page 12: Helpful Hints

    Store paper in a dry area, on a flat surface, and in a closed cabinet. Wrap partially-used reams of paper tightly. WorkCentre location For reliable WorkCentre operation and copy quality, Xerox recommends: Place your WorkCentre in a well-ventilated room. Recommended environment: –...
  • Page 13: Getting To Know Your Workcentre

    Getting to Know Your WorkCentre Original guides Original exit area SPF XD103f/ 105f/ 120f/125f ADF XD130df/ 155df only Control panel Exit tray Paper tray 1 Paper tray 2 XD120f/130df/ 155df only Front cover Serial number Power connection Parallel port Original feeder tray Side cover Release latch...
  • Page 14: Installation

    Installation As you unpack the WorkCentre, familiarize yourself with its contents. After the WorkCentre is installed, and the Ready Indicator is lit, the WorkCentre is ready to make copies. IMPORTANT: Save the carton and packing materials. They should be used to repack the WorkCentre if it has to be shipped for servicing or in case you move.
  • Page 15 Installation (continued) Follow the steps below to properly set up your Xerox WorkCentre. 1. Remove the bag from the WorkCentre. 2. Remove the pieces of tape A, B, C, D, and the packing material E. XD130df/155df copier only Remove the tape and the packing material supporting the clear plastic 2-sided tray.
  • Page 16 Installation (continued) 6. Secure the paper tray button and the shipping screw in the locations shown. Turn the paper tray button to secure its storage position. Note: Save the paper tray button and the shipping screw. They will be needed if the WorkCentre has to be moved.
  • Page 17 Vigorously shake the cartridge to loosen the toner. Thoroughly shaking the cartridge will assure maximum copies per cartridge. Xerox has included a Starter Toner Cartridge. Purchased replacement toner cartridges will yield approximately three times the number of copies.
  • Page 18: Control Panel

    Control Panel The control panel has keys and lights that are used to control and display the conditions of the WorkCentre. 1. Book Mode (XD104 only): Select book mode when you want to make copies from a bound document. 2. 1-Sided/2-Sided Mode (XD130df/155df only): Use the 2-Sided copy feature to make one or two-sided copies from one or two-sided originals.
  • Page 19 Control Panel 7. Variable Percentage: Press the down key to decrease the percentage. Press the up key to increase the percentage. Any percentage from 50% to 200% may be selected. 8. %: Press this key to display the reduction/enlargement percentage selected.
  • Page 20: Power Reduction / Auto Clear

    Power Reduction / Auto Clear Power Reduction Modes automatically reduce power consumed by the WorkCentre when the WorkCentre has not been used for a set period of time. There are two modes of power reduction; Power Save, and Power Shut-off. Power Save Mode –...
  • Page 21: Paper Specifications

    Paper Specifications Paper Storage Note: Paper affected by humidity, and curled paper can cause jams and copy quality problems. For reliable copier operation and good copy quality, Xerox recommends that paper be stored: on a flat surface. in a closed container.
  • Page 22: Loading Paper

    Loading Paper will flash in the copy quantity display and the green indicator in the copier diagram will flash when: a paper tray is empty. paper misfeeds: paper has not fed all the way into the copier. a paper tray is not closed properly. If the paper has misfed, open the paper tray indicated by the flashing green light on the copier diagram and remove the misfed paper.
  • Page 23: Flashing

    Loading Paper Flashing When the Alternate Paper Tray runs out of paper, or the paper misfeeds, the P will flash in the display and the green indicator in the copier diagram will flash. Alternate Paper Tray (XD104/ 105f/ 130df/ 155df only) 4.
  • Page 24: Making Copies On The Document Glass

    Making Copies on the Document Glass n t r 1. Ensure that the WorkCentre is Off-line. The light between the two icons will be off. 2. Select the desired copy features from the control panel. 3. Select the number of copies. Press the 10 to increase the quantity by 10.
  • Page 25: Making Copies On The Single Pass Feeder (Xd103F/ 105F/ 120F/ 125F)

    Making Copies on the Single Pass Feeder 105f/ 120f/ 125f) Use the Single Pass Feeder(SPF) to make one collated copy of originals. The SPF holds up to 30 originals (20 lb/80 gsm) in one job. Ensure originals are in good condition, and that all staples and paper clips have been removed.
  • Page 26: Making Copies On The Automatic Document Feeder(Xd130Df/155Df)

    Making Copies on the Automatic Document Feeder (XD130df/155df) The Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) allows you to automatically make single sided or two-sided copies. The ADF holds up to 30 originals (20 lb/80 gsm). Ensure originals are in good condition, and that all staples and paper clips have been removed.
  • Page 27 Making Copies on the Automatic Document Feeder (XD130df/155df) Single sided originals to two-sided copies (1 This mode will create two-sided copies from your single sided originals. 1. Place the originals face up in the ADF. 2. Select the features. The maximum copy quantity is 1. Reinsert the originals into the ADF for each set required.
  • Page 28: Manual Two-Sided Copying (Xd130Df/155Df Only)

    Manual Two-Sided Copying Important Tip: The WorkCentre has been configured to copy onto 8.5×11/A4 paper. When copying onto any other paper size the image may not be placed properly. The default paper size for both paper trays is 8.5×11/A4. You may want to change the default setting for one or both of the trays if you find the factory settings do not meet your needs.
  • Page 29: Image Quality

    Image Quality The image quality features described on this page can be used to improve copies of documents printed on colored paper, photographs, or are of poor quality. Toner Save Photo Text Auto Auto: Use Auto when copying from originals with a colored background or mixed text and graphics.
  • Page 30: Reduction/Enlargement

    Reduction/Enlargement Reduction/Enlargement Reference Table Original Size A4/ A3 Preset Reduction/Enlargement Press the Preset Reduction/Enlargement key to quickly select one of the 6 preset percentages. The customer settable percentage ( factory for 50%. Refer to Customizing Your WorkCentre for information about changing the default percentage.
  • Page 31: Copying Oversized Documents

    Copying Oversized Documents The document cover may be removed in order to position an oversized document on the document glass. Note: If your copier is equipped with a Set Document Feeder or Automatic Document Feeder, the cover cannot be removed. Book Mode (XD104 only) This feature is useful when you want to copy facing pages of a document...
  • Page 32: Paper Tray Bypass (Xd100/102/103F/120F/125/125F Only)

    Paper Tray Bypass Use the Paper Tray Bypass to copy onto paper that is different from that loaded in the paper tray and to copy onto special stock such as envelopes, labels, or transparencies. Stock is fed one sheet at a time into the Paper Tray Bypass.
  • Page 33: Alternate Paper Tray (Xd104/105F/130Df/155Df Only)

    Alternate Paper Tray The alternate paper tray can be used to feed multiple sheets of standard paper, or it can be used to feed single sheets of special or heavy papers such as note cards, transparencies, and labels. The alternate paper tray holds up to 50 sheets of 20 lb/ 80 gsm paper ranging in size from 3.5 5.5"...
  • Page 34: Two-Sided Copying (For All Models Except The 130Df/155Df)

    Two-Sided Copying (for all models except the XD130df/155df) 1. Place side 1 original face down on the Document Glass, with the TOP toward the LEFT. Lower the document cover. Note: 16 lb / 60 gsm copy paper is not recommended for two-sided copying. 2.
  • Page 35: Envelopes

    Envelopes Various types and sizes of envelopes can be printed/copied on the WorkCentre XD using the bypass tray or alternate paper tray. Selecting Envelopes The construction of envelopes is critical to printing performance and varies widely. Use high-quality envelopes that are thin and sharply creased. Test a few envelopes before you purchase large quantities.
  • Page 36: Customizing Your Workcentre

    Customizing Your WorkCentre Programmable Features The default settings for various machine features may be changed to suit your individual needs. All of these features remain set until this process is repeated. Each of the programmable features, along with its program number and options are contained in the chart below.
  • Page 37 Feature Default Image Quality: This feature allows you to select the default Image Quality mode. Auto Contrast Adjustment: The copy contrast range may be adjusted when the copy image is consistently too light or too dark in the Auto Image Quality mode.
  • Page 38 Feature Auto Paper Tray Switching: When enabled, the copier will automatically switch to another paper tray when the selected tray runs out of paper. (Model XD104/ 105f/ 120f/ 130df/ 155df only.) Single Pass Feeder Contrast Adjustment/Automatic Document Feeder: The copy exposure range may be adjusted when the copy image is consistently too light or too dark.
  • Page 39 Feature Default copy paper size for 2-sided copying from the document glass: Top paper tray default: This feature allows you to select the default copy paper size for the upper paper tray. (Models XD130df/155df only.) Lower paper tray default: This feature allows you to select the default copy paper size for the lower paper tray.
  • Page 40: Programmable Feature Settings 0 - 9 And 11 - 18

    Programmable Feature Settings 0 – 9 and 11 – 18 To change the programmable features, find the Program Number and the desired Option Number in the Programmable features chart on the previous pages. Follow the instructions below. Note: The WorkCentre must be off-line and in the Ready mode. 1.
  • Page 41: Programmable Feature Setting 10

    Programmable Feature Setting 10 Use the following procedure to change the preset Reduction/Enlargement default setting ( ). This feature allows you to set a specific preset reduction or enlargement between 50 – 200%. 1. Select the Toner Saver mode. 2. Press again and hold the Image Quality key for approximately 4 to 6 seconds.
  • Page 42: Workcentre Care

    Cleaning the Document Glass and Cover Keeping the document glass clean helps ensure the best possible copies. Xerox suggests that you clean the document glass at the start of each day and during the day as needed. CAUTION: Do not pour or spray water directly onto any part of the copier.
  • Page 43: Single Pass Feeder Misfeed/Automatic Document Feeder

    Single Pass Feeder Misfeed/Automatic Document Feeder When a misfeed occurs in the feeder, the red SPF/ADF misfeed indicator flashes on the Copier Diagram, and an A1 or A2 status code will flash in the display window. The status code indicates the number of originals that must be returned to the feeder after clearing the misfeed.
  • Page 44: E2 Clearing The Paper Path

    – E2 Clearing the Paper Path When a paper misfeed occurs the red misfeed indicator flashes on the copier diagram, and an E2 status code will flash in the display window. Paper misfeeds may occur in the areas shown below. Follow the steps below to locate and clear the misfeed.
  • Page 45 – E2 Clearing the Paper Path Fuser Area (continued) Warning: The fuser area is hot. Take care when removing paper from the fuser area. Note: Ensure that the alternate paper tray is lowered (XD104 105f/ 130df/ 155df only). 1. Press the release lever to open the side cover.
  • Page 46 – E2 Clearing the Paper Path Exit Area (continued) Note: Ensure that the alternate paper tray is lowered (XD104/105f/130df/155df only). 1. Press the release lever to open the side cover. 2. Press the front cover release buttons to open the front cover. 3.
  • Page 47: Toner Cartridge Replacement

    Toner Cartridge Replacement The toner indicator on the copier diagram will light when the toner supply is low. Approximately 10 more copies can be made, but you should have a replacement cartridge in stock. When the J1 status code is displayed, the machine will stop operating until the toner cartridge is replaced.
  • Page 48: J2 Drum Cartridge Replacement

    J2 Drum Cartridge Replacement The useful life of the drum cartridge is approximately 18,000 copies. The drum cartridge indicator on the machine diagram lights when the drum is near the end of life. Approximately 1,000 more copies can be made, but you should have a replacement cartridge in stock.
  • Page 49: Counter Access

    Counter access Total copies/prints remaining on the drum cartridge This counter displays the total number of copies/prints remaining on the drum in the machine. The count can be used to determine when to reorder a new drum cartridge. The count will be displayed in the display window as a sequence of 2- 3 digit values.
  • Page 50: Printer Driver Software Installation

    There are several options available to you. Refer to the order sheet that is packaged with the WorkCentre XD. This sheet explains how you can: order floppy diskettes from Xerox. download the necessary software from the WEB. Note: Refer to Creating WorkCentre XD Floppy Disk Installation Diskettes section in this User Guide for instructions on making your own floppy diskettes.
  • Page 51 Printer Driver Software Installation 4. Ensure that the power cord is plugged into the WorkCentre and then into a grounded outlet. Do not attach your WorkCentre to a pass-through port of another device (scanner, CD-ROM drive, tape drive, Zip disk). 5.
  • Page 52: Workcentre Xd Properties (Printer Driver)

    WorkCentre XD Properties (Printer Driver) The purpose of this section is to provide information about how to access and use the options in the Xerox WorkCentre XD Printer Driver Properties dialog. Use the Xerox WorkCentre XD Properties dialog to change the settings used for printing.
  • Page 53: Displaying The Properties Dialog From The Start Menu

    Displaying the Properties dialog from the Xerox Printer Services Program (Status Monitor) Windows 95/98 and NT 1. Click on the Properties button in the Xerox Printer Services window Windows 3.1 1. Click on the Properties button in the Xerox Printer Services window 2.
  • Page 54: Properties Tabs

    It also provides troubleshooting information, in case you should run into any problems. When you have a question simply click on the Help button on the Xerox WorkCentre XD Properties dialog. The main Help Topics window will be displayed.
  • Page 55: Creating Workcentre Xd Floppy Disk Installation Diskettes

    Creating WorkCentre XD Floppy Disk Installation Diskettes If floppy diskettes are required to install the WorkCentre Printer Driver Software, the user can order floppy diskettes or create a set of diskettes from CD-ROM. To create a set of WorkCentre XD Printer Driver floppy Diskettes, find a PC that has a floppy diskette drive with a CD-ROM drive and follow the procedure below.
  • Page 56: Enabling High Speed Printer Communications

    ECP mode? Since the rated print speed of the Xerox WorkCentre XD Digital Copier/Printer has been verified with ECP mode, the only effect you may notice is a slight reduction in the print speed.
  • Page 57: Problem Solving

    Problem Solving Problem Solving Chart The following chart lists some conditions that may occur and the recommended solutions. Follow the suggested solutions until the problem is corrected. Refer to the Status Code Chart in this section for status code information. If the problem persists, please refer to the Information section for the appropriate telephone numbers.
  • Page 58 Condition Image rubs off the copy easily. Frequent copy paper jams. The three trouble indicators are lit in the WorkCentre diagram. Toner yield is lower than expected and the Toner Indicator is Fewer copies from the Toner Cartridge than expected. Suggested solutions Replace the paper in the tray with paper from a new package.
  • Page 59: Status Code Chart

    Problem Solving Status Code Chart Status Code Ensure that there is paper in the selected paper tray. Ensure that the Paper Tray is closed properly. Paper may not have fed all the way into the WorkCentre. (Refer to Loading Paper and Flashing Copy paper has misfed.
  • Page 60: Printing Solution Chart

    Problem Solving Printing Solution Chart Problem Probable Cause The IEEE-1284 Parallel WorkCentre cable is not connected does not print properly. The IEEE-1284 parallel cable is defective. The port setting is incorrect. The toner and drum cartridges are not installed properly. The printer driver may not be installed properly.
  • Page 61 Select Background Printing from the options menu of print manger. Point to the Start Task bar and then click Settings then Printers. Click the Xerox Document WorkCentre XD with the right mouse button. Click Properties and then spool settings on the details tab.
  • Page 62 Problem Probable Cause Character The paper may be too dry. Try printing with a different voids Background The paper may be too scatter damp. Printing over uneven surfaces. Missing The paper may be too characters damp. Back of The transfer roller may be printout is dirty dirty.
  • Page 63: Technical Data

    Technical Data Original Size: Maximum 10 14" / B4 Copy Ratio Percentages:1:1 ± 1% Preset: Zoom: Paper Size and Weight Tray 1 and Tray 2 5.5 8.5 to 8.5 14"/ A5 to 216 356mm 15 - 24 lb / 56 - 90 gsm Paper Tray Bypass 3.5 5.5"...