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Enabling High Speed Printer Communications - Xerox WorkCentre XD100 User Manual

Xerox workcentre xd100: user guide
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Enabling High Speed Printer Communications

Your Xerox WorkCentre XD Digital Copier/Printer has been designed to provide
excellent copy and print quality with high productivity. To ensure the highest print
performance, the Xerox WorkCentre XD Digital Copier/Printer was designed to
take advantage of high speed parallel port communications between your personal
computer and your Xerox WorkCentre XD Digital Copier/Printer. This can be
accomplished by enabling the Extended Capabilities Port (ECP) mode for your
personal computer parallel port (LPT1, LPT2 etc.).
What is ECP?
ECP is a particular type of personal computer interface for printers that was
established by the IEEE-1284 standard. Personal computers with this type of
printer interface can enable printing up to four times faster than personal
computers without ECP.
How do you know if ECP is enabled on your computer?
Many computers will give a status of the printer port settings through the
Windows™ control panel and printer settings folders. Others may give the status
by special software on the personal computer to view BIOS settings or CMOS
settings. When you install the Xerox WorkCentre XD Digital Copier/Printer driver
software on your personal computer, the install software will automatically check
your personal computer for you. If your personal computer is not running in ECP
mode, the driver software will remind you that higher printing performance would
be achieved if ECP were enabled.
How will your printing performance be affected if you do not have an ECP
compatible personal computer, or if you do not enable ECP mode?
Since the rated print speed of the Xerox WorkCentre XD Digital Copier/Printer has
been verified with ECP mode, the only effect you may notice is a slight reduction in
the print speed.
Are there any other requirements for ECP mode?
Always use an approved IEEE-1284 compliant cable (as the one supplied with
your Xerox WorkCentre XD Digital Copier/Printer). Never use (scanners, CD
devices, tape drives, switch boxes, etc.) attached to the same port as the XD
series operate. Each device should be on a separate parallel port (LPT1, LPT2
etc.) for the greatest reliability.
What can you do if your personal computer does not appear to have ECP
mode enabled?
1) Check your personal computer documentation for a description of this feature.
Particularly look for BIOS and/or CMOS settings, etc.
2) Call your personal computer's manufacturer. Be prepared with the model
number and serial number.
3) Contact a computer sales or service near you, and inquire about an ECP board
option for your personal computer that will allow your personal computer to
operate in this mode.

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