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Image Quality - Xerox WorkCentre XD100 User Manual

Xerox workcentre xd100: user guide
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Image Quality

The image quality features described on this page can be used to improve
copies of documents printed on colored paper, photographs, or are of poor
Toner Save
Auto: Use Auto when copying from originals with a colored
background or mixed text and graphics.
Note: When Auto is selected, the copier automatically varies the
contrast of your copies. Lighter/Darker settings are not available.
Text: Use Text to copy documents containing mostly text.
Photo: Use Photo when the originals are photographs.
Toner Save: Toner Save mode lowers overall copy density on each
page. This feature can be used when making draft copies.
Copy Contrast
There are 5 contrast settings represented by 3 indicator lights. The
indicators light up one or two at a time to represent the selected setting.
Successive pushes of the key will change the indicators in successive
order. Darkest, normal and lightest settings are depicted by one indicator.
When 2 indicators are lit, the copy contrast will be mid point between the
darker setting and the lighter setting.
You can vary the copy contrast of your
copies in small increments when Text,
Photo, or Toner Save settings are
Note: When Auto is selected the copy
contrast settings are not available.
Press the copy contrast key to lighten or
darken copies while in the Text, Photo, or
Toner Save settings.

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Table of Contents

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