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Xerox WorkCentre XD100 User Manual page 19

Xerox workcentre xd100: user guide
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Table of Contents
Control Panel
7. Variable Percentage: Press the down key to decrease the
percentage. Press the up key to increase the percentage. Any
percentage from 50% to 200% may be selected.
8. %: Press this key to display the reduction/enlargement percentage
9. Display Window: Copy quantity, reduction/enlargement settings, and
status codes appear in this area.
10. Quantity Keys: Select up to 100 copies. Press the 1 key to increase
the quantity by one. Press the 10 key to increase the quantity by 10.
To display the number of copies requested during the copy run press
the 10 key.
Press the Clear key to clear the selected quantity.
11. WorkCentre Diagram: Helps you locate areas that require your
attention. The indicators will flash in the area requiring attention. For
additional information refer to the Problem Solving section.
12. Paper Supply Selection (XD104/ 105f/ 120f/ 130df/ 155df only):
Press to change the selected paper supply. The selected paper supply
location will be indicated by a green light on the WorkCentre diagram.
13. SPF/ADF Misfeed Indicator: This indicator will light when a misfeed
occurs in the SPF or the ADF.
14. On-line/Off-line Key: Press this button to alternate between On-line
and Off-line status. When the light is lit, the printer is On-line.
15. Ready Indicator: When the light is ON (not flashing), the WorkCentre
is ready to make copies. When the light is flashing after the Start key
is pressed, the WorkCentre is warming up and the copy cycle will begin
16. Start: Press this key to begin copying.
The display will change to 1 and increases by 1 as each copy is
17. Clear/Stop: Press this key to stop the WorkCentre while making
copies or to clear copy quantity. If the key is pressed twice quickly, all
programming will be cleared.

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Table of Contents

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