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Counter Access; Total Copies/Prints Remaining On The Drum Cartridge - Xerox WorkCentre XD100 User Manual

Xerox workcentre xd100: user guide
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Counter access

Total copies/prints remaining on the drum cartridge

This counter displays the total number of copies/prints remaining on the
drum in the machine. The count can be used to determine when to reorder
a new drum cartridge.
The count will be displayed in the display window as a sequence of 2-
3 digit values.
Example 1: 10,145 copies/prints will be displayed as 010 followed by 145
Example 2: 361 copies/prints will be displayed as 000 followed by 361
1. Select the Toner Saver mode.
2. Press again and hold the Image Quality
key for approximately 4 to 6 seconds.
The light next to Auto mode will light.
The lights within the WorkCentre
Diagram will flash.
3. Press and hold the Clear key for 5
The count will continually be
displayed until the Clear key is
released. There will be a slight
pause at the end, before displaying
the count again.
4. Press the Image Quality key to return to
the copy mode.

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