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Accessories; Earphones; Charger; Data Cable - Haier Z3000B User Manual

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services based on SIM card. A STK-supporting mobile phone will provide an extra STK menu.
The contents of this menu is subject to the type of STK card and can be modified only by the
network operator.
Your mobile phone supports STK service. Please note that different STK suppliers may
provide different services. For example, Beijing Telecom provides the following services:
Personal communication
Public information service
Stock market information
Client service.

4. Accessories

4.1 Earphone (not standard equipment)
When the earphone is attached to the phone,
the earphone mode is enabled;
the microphone on the earphone will take the place of that of the phone;
the microphone volume is identical to the phone volume;
you may use the volume keys to adjust the volume during a call.
When the earphone is disconnected, the mobile phone returns to its normal state. The radio
function is only available when the earphone is attached to the phone, and removing the
earphone will turn off the radio automatically.
4.2 Travel charger
Connect the charger connector to the phone, the backlight comes up with a beep, the phone
automatically enters into charging mode, and the battery icon is displayed. In charging mode,
all vibration settings will be deactivated.
If the phone is on during battery charging, the filled battery icon indicates the charging
process is completed.
Remove the charger connector from the phone will energize the backlight and the phone will
give a beep and switch to normal mode.
You can charge your phone when it is on or off.
4.3 Data cable (not standard equipment)
The data cable enables you to connect your phone to PC. Run the software downloaded
from Haier website, you can perform management of MIDI ringers, background images,
and even transferring the pictures taken from the phone to the PC for editing.
4.4 Battery charging accessory
Connect the original travel charger to the power socket, and the connector to the battery
charging accessory power jack, the indicator lights up green. Place the battery in position,
the indicator lights up red, indicating the charging in progress. When the battery is fully
charged, the indicator lights green again.



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