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Restore Factory Settings; Messages; Sms; Write Message - Haier U69 User Manual

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7.7 Restore factory settings

Use this menu to reset the phone‟s settings to the original factory settings

8. Messages

8.1 SMS

8.1.1 Write message

Allow you to edit text message. When composing text messages, check the number of
characters allowed in the top-right corner of the screen.
Press LSK to enter the Option menu:
1. Send to
Enter the recipient‟s number or retrieve a number from the phonebook, then press LSK to send.
2. Input method
Select different input methods to write message according to requirements.
3. Insert template
Insert the preset words in the position of cursor.
4. Advanced
Allow you insert object, insert contact number, insert contact name, and insert bookmark; also
allow you set text format.
5. Save to Drafts
Save the message to the draft.

8.1.2 Inbox

Store the text messages you received

8.1.3 Outbox

View and search the messages you sent but failed

8.1.4 Sentbox

View and search the messages you sent successfully



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