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Maintenance Precautions - Toshiba 4400 Series Installation And Operation Manual

Three phase - 15/20/25/30/50/80/100 kva
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Maintenance Precautions

All internal maintenance should be performed by factory authorized personnel.
1. Turn off, lockout, and tagout ALL power sources before connecting the power wiring to the equipment or when
performing maintenance.
2. Hardwire type UPS units are not equipped with an over-current protection device, nor do they have an output
disconnect for the AC output. A user-installed circuit breaker should be provided between the UPS output and
the load input.
3. The maximum ambient operating temperature at 1.0 PF is 86 °F (30 °C) , and at 0.9 PF 104 °F (40 °C).
factory authorized
4. Only
service center.
5. Battery/Flywheel servicing should be performed by
Note: Contact your nearest factory authorized service center for battery replacement.
Qualified Personnel ONLY!
Qualified Personnel have the skills and knowledge relating to the construction, installation, operation, and
maintenance of the electrical equipment and has received safety training on the hazards involved (Refer to the
latest edition of NFPA 70E for additional safety requirements).
Qualified Personnel shall:
1. Have read the entire operation manual.
2. Be trained and authorized to safely energize, de-energize, ground, lockout and tag circuits and equipment,
and clear faults in accordance with established safety practices.
3. Be trained in the proper use and care of protective equipment such as safety shoes, rubber gloves, hard hats,
safety glasses, face shields, flash clothing, etc., in accordance with established safety practices.
4. Be trained in rendering first aid.
5. Be knowledgeable of the DC backup supply system and the required handling and maintenance precautions.
4400 Series Installation and Operation Manual – 64527-008
personnel should service the UPS. Contact Toshiba for the nearest authorized
For further information on workplace safety visit
Misuse of equipment could result in injury and equipment damage.
In no event will Toshiba Corporation be responsible or liable for either
indirect or consequential damage or injury that may result from the
misuse of this equipment.
factory authorized
personnel only.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents