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Three phase - 15/20/25/30/50/80/100 kva
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3. The UPS should not be used with a load that has a rated input that is greater than the rated output of the
4. If using the UPS to provide power to motors that require high starting current or with motors that require a
long starting time, call Toshiba support for guidance in over sizing the UPS for lock rotor current.
5. DO NOT insert metal objects or combustible materials in the ventilation slots of the UPS.
6. DO NOT place, hang, or paste any objects on the exterior surfaces of the UPS.
7. The capacitors in the UPS maintain a residual charge for a while after turning the UPS off. The required
discharge time for each UPS typeform is provided via a cabinet label and a CHARGE LED. Wait for at least
the minimum time indicated on the label and ensure that the CHARGE LED has gone out before opening the
door of the UPS once the UPS power has been turned off.
8. DO NOT attempt to disassemble, modify, or repair the UPS. Call your Toshiba sales representative for repair
9. Turn the power on only after installing ALL of the covers.
10. DO NOT remove any covers of the UPS when power is on.
11. If the UPS should emit smoke or an unusual odor or sound, turn the power off immediately.
12. Warning signs should be placed on or near the load as a notification that the load is being powered by the
13. Additional warnings and notifications shall be posted at the equipment installation location as deemed re-
quired by Qualified Personnel.
While operating in the inverter mode, placing the input breaker in
the "OFF" position will switch the UPS to the DC supply backup
The output of the UPS will continue uninterrupted to the load. The unit
must be in the bypass mode at the time that the breaker is placed in
the "OFF" position for the UPS to shutdown power to the load.
After an Emergency Power Off (EPO), DO NOT reset the breaker
until the UPS internal circuits have been fully discharged.
The UPS could be damaged if the unit is not fully discharged before
the breaker is reset.
4400 Series Installation and Operation Manual – 64527-008

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents