Installation Safety - Toshiba 4400 Series Installation And Operation Manual

Three phase - 15/20/25/30/50/80/100 kva
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Installation Safety

4400 Series Installation and Operation Manual – 64527-008
Keep the SPECIFIED CLEARANCE around the UPS.
Inadequate space around the UPS makes it difficult to perform
maintenance/inspections, lead to insufficient ventilation, and/or will
cause malfunctions.
See Figure 10.1 – UPS Clearance
DO NOT tilt the UPS more than 10° from upright position.
Tilting the UPS more than 10° may cause crushing, trapping or other
personal injuries.
Install anchor bolts to secure the UPS to the installation floor.
The UPS may fall during an earthquake if the anchor bolts are not
installed and secured.
DO NOT transport, move, store, or place the UPS on its side.
Forces due to heavy components inside may damage the UPS.
DO NOT allow the UPS to suffer shock or impact when
Tools used to remove packaging materials may cause damage to the
DO NOT push or pull on the sides of the packaging, or the
UPS to move it. Always use a crane, forklift, or pallet jack for
transporting and positioning the UPS.
Pushing/pulling on the sides of the unit to move it may result in damage
to the UPS. See Figure 4.1 Exterior Handling label.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents