Ups Wiring; Wiring Safety - Toshiba 4400 Series Installation And Operation Manual

Three phase - 15/20/25/30/50/80/100 kva
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UPS Wiring


Wiring Safety

Follow the torque criteria for tightening screws.
Loose connections may cause fire due to heating.
See Chapter 9 – UPS Wiring
4400 Series Installation and Operation Manual – 64527-008
Perform wiring and connections with correct polarity.
Be careful when connecting the UPS to the DC backup system. A
wrong connection may cause damage to the UPS, DC backup system,
or charger.
Connect ONLY one (1) ground wire to the earth ground terminal.
A missing ground wire may cause an electrical shock hazard.
Connecting to more than one ground may cause a ground loop.
See Chapter 9 – UPS Wiring
DO NOT force, bend, or pull wires.
DO NOT damage wire insulation.
DO NOT place heavy objects on top of UPS.
Observe the above precautions when making wire connections or
handling the wires. Failing to observe these precautions may damage
the insulation of the wires or may cause a fire or an electric shock

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents