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Three phase - 15/20/25/30/50/80/100 kva
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UPS Operation

The 4400 UPS is hardwired to both utility power and the critical loads. The two main operating states are :
1. On-Line (double conversion) mode with the UPS providing clean power to the load.
2. Bypass mode, where the unconditioned utility power is routed around the converter-inverter of the UPS and
fed directly to the load.
A third state, Emergency shut-down, EPO, is for emergency use only and is discussed separately in Section 12.3.
The UPS can be switched between On-Line and Bypass by pressing and momentarily pressing the RUN/STOP button on
the touchscreen display.

Standard UPS Operation (No Internal MBS)

Initial UPS Startup
The first time the UPS is started after installation, use the touchscreen to enter the current time and date.
1. Start the UPS as described in 13.2 steps 1-5.
2. Enter the System Date:
Press the Setup tab.
Press System Date in the Data Display Area.
Enter the date in the following format: Www Mmm DD YYYY
Www is the three character day of the week: Mon, Tue, Wed...
Mmm is the three character Month: Jan, Feb, Mar...
DD is the two digit day of the month: 01, 12, 30...
YYYY is the four digit year: 2011
Press Write to store the date.
Press Quit to exit System Date setup.
3. Enter the System Time:
Press the Setup tab.
Press System Time in the Data Display Area.
Enter the Time in the following format: HH:MM AM
HH is the two digit hour followed by a colon (:)
MM is the two digit month.
AM/PM is before or after noon.
Press Write to set the time.
Press Quit to exit System Time setup.
4400 Series Installation and Operation Manual – 64527-008

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents