Audible Alarm Functions - Toshiba 4400 Series Installation And Operation Manual

Three phase - 15/20/25/30/50/80/100 kva
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Audible Alarm Functions

An audible alarm (buzzer) will sound when the UPS is in the battery backup mode, has a fault, has low battery voltage, or is
in an overload condition. The buzzer will also beep each time an effective item is touched on the touchscreen. The following
chart shows the buzzer pattern durations for each condition. Time units are shown in seconds.
Any Fault (Intermittent buzz until fault clears)
Switch to Backup (Single five-second buzz)
Backup Operation (Intermittent buzz once every
ten seconds)
UPS Battery Shutdown Voltage
(Batt. Voltage 79% Normal)
OL110 (Overload Timer)
LB (Low Battery – Batt. Voltage 90% Normal)
BLFN (Battery Life Pre-alarm – Batt expires in 6
BLFE (Battery Life End)
CHRGOV (Charger Over Voltage)
BTSTFL (Battery Test Fail)
BOH (Battery Overheat)
AOH (Ambient Overheat)
CLMT (Current Limit)
DCER (Display Disconnected)
BDEPL (Battery Depletion)
Touching Effective Item on Touchscreen
The buzzer can be silenced most easily by pressing the Buzzer Silent button on the Quick Access Toolbar.
Alternatively, the buzzer can also be silenced by selecting the Settings tab, then set the Buzzer Silent parameter to Disable.
This will turn off the buzzer for the current alarm status, but the buzzer will still sound when the next Fault/Warning condition
The buzzer can be disabled permanently by selecting the Settings tab then setting the parameter Buzzer Disable to
Disable. This will disable the alarm so that no alarm sounds for any Fault or Warning condition.
4400 Series Installation and Operation Manual – 64527-008
Audible Pattern
0.5 s
0.5 s
5.0 s
1.0 s
9.0 s
5.0 s
1.0 s
1.0 s
0.1 s

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents