Toshiba 4200FA Series Operation Manual

Battery cabinet system for 4200fa series 15 & 25kva ups
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  • Page 4: Important Notice

    UNINTERUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY If additional information or technical assistance is required call Toshiba’s marketing department toll free at 1-800-231-1412 or write to: Toshiba International Corporation, 13131 W. Little York Rd., Houston, TX 77041-9990.
  • Page 5: General Safety Instructions

    TOSHIBA GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Warnings in this manual appear in the following three ways: Danger warnings - The danger symbol is an exclamation mark enclosed in a triangle, which precedes the 3/16’ high letters spelling the word “DANGER”. The danger symbol is used to indicate situations, locations, and conditions that exist and WILL serious injury or death.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    TOSHIBA CONTENTS SECTION PAGE IMPORTANT NOTICE ............................ 2 GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ......................3 CONTENTS..............................4 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS......................5 Uncrating/Inspection/Storage/Disposal ................... 8 Uncrating the Battery System ......................8 Inspection of the new Battery System ....................9 Storage of the Battery System ......................9 Disposal ............................
  • Page 7: Important Safety Instructions

    25kVA: 288VDC Servicing of the batteries should only be performed by a qualified Toshiba Representative who is knowledgeable of batteries and the required precautions. Keep unauthorized personnel away from batteries. To arrange for battery replacement, contact your nearest Toshiba authorized service center.
  • Page 8 TOSHIBA IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS CAUTION This unit contains sealed lead acid batteries. Lack of preventative maintenance could result in batteries exploding and emitting gasses and/or flame. An authorized, trained technician must perform annual preventative maintenance. CAUTION Failure to replace a battery before it becomes exhausted may cause...
  • Page 9 TOSHIBA INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANTES CONCERNANT LA SÉCURITÉ CONSERVER CES INSTRUCTIONS Cette notice contient des instructions importantes concernant la sécurté ATTENTION Un battery puet présenter un risque de choc électrique, de brûlure par transfert d’ énergie. ATTENTION Por le replacement, utiliser le même nombre de batteries du modéle suivant.
  • Page 10: Uncrating/Inspection/Storage/Disposal

    TOSHIBA Uncrating/Inspection/Storage/Disposal Uncrating the Battery System Upon receipt of the Battery System, a careful inspection for shipping damage should be made. On International models only, remove the screws that attach the shipping crate to the pallet. Remove the crate and packing material.
  • Page 11: Inspection Of The New Battery System

    It is illegal to dump lead-acid batteries in landfills or dispose of improperly. Please help our Earth by contacting the environmental protection agencies in your area, the battery manufacture, or call Toshiba toll free at 1-800-231-1412 for more information about recycling.
  • Page 12: Installation

    TOSHIBA Installation CAUTION Installation Precautions 1) Install the system in a well-ventilated location; allow at least 10cm (4 inches) on all sides for air ventilation and maintenance. 2) Install the unit in a stable, level, and upright position that is free of vibration.
  • Page 13: Precautions

    3) The Battery System should not be used with an UPS other than those listed above. DO NOT attempt to connect if the Model numbers do not match the above chart. This will result in damage to the UPS, the Battery System, or both. Call your Toshiba representative if you should have any questions.
  • Page 14: Battery System Connections

    TB3-4 (AUX. CONTACT) TB3-6 TB3-5 (COMMON) UPS 4200FA SERIES BATTERY CABINET 4200FA SERIES Terminal Block Details The following illustration is a detail view of the terminal block and wiring connections necessary for proper operation. (See section 8.0 for terminal block locations)
  • Page 15: Wire Size And Tightening Torque

    TOSHIBA Battery System Connections Wire Size and tightening torque Wire Size and Tightening Torque for Battery System Terminals (15 & 25kVA) 15 & 25kVA Terminal (Terminal Number) Wire Size Tightening Torque Battery Control Circuit 14-16 16 in-lbs. (1-6) Battery 3 AWG min.
  • Page 16: Preventive Maintenance And Scheduled Maintenance/Parts Replacement

    Preventive Maintenance and Scheduled Maintenance/Parts Replacement Preventive Maintenance Toshiba’s 4200FA Series UPS battery cabinets have been design to provide years of trouble free operation requiring a minimum of preventive maintenance. The best preventive measure that the UPS Battery System user can take is to keep the area around the unit, particularly the air inlet vents, clean and free of moisture and dust accumulations.
  • Page 17: External Layouts/Dimensions/Weights

    TOSHIBA External Layouts/Dimensions/Weights External Layouts: T42-BC-FA The following shows the location of the Battery Systems Control Terminal Block, DC Disconnect (MCCB-B) and the Conduit Brackets. The Conduit Brackets may be removed in order to drill the holes necessary to accommodate the conduit fittings used in the installation.
  • Page 18: External Dimensions

    TOSHIBA External Layouts/Dimensions/Weights External Dimensions The following shows the external dimensions of the T42-BC-FA...
  • Page 20 TOSHIBA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION INDUSTRIAL DIVISION 13131 West Little York Road, Houston, Texas 77041 Tel: (713) 466-0277 Fax: (713) 466-8773 Telex: 762078 Printed in the U.S.A.

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