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Three phase - 15/20/25/30/50/80/100 kva
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Start the UPS
1. Switch the main circuit breaker (MCCB) on the inside front of the UPS to the ON position.
2. If the UPS is equipped with dual inputs, switch on the optional second Circuit Breaker. The breaker(s) should
normally remain in the ON position.
3. If the UPS is equipped with an External Battery Cabinet, switch the cabinet breaker ON
4. Verify that the AC Input LED on the front panel lights green. All LED's on the front panel may light for a mo-
ment when the input breaker is turned on. This is normal. The UPS will now be supplying power in the bypass
When running the UPS for the first time or after the power failure backup operation, charge
the battery cabinet batteries, if any, for at least 24 hours (input breaker on) before operating
the connected load.
Using the UPS without charging the battery shortens the battery backup operation time, which
may result in the loss of data in case of a power failure.
5. Press and hold, for 2 seconds, the RUN button on the touchscreen to begin UPS operation.
6. Press the Quick View button on the Quick Access Toolbar and verify the UPS has input/output power. If the
UPS has backup batteries, verify the batteries are being charged.
Stop (Switch to Bypass) the UPS
To stop the UPS, press and hold, for 2 seconds, the STOP button on the touchscreen display. The On-Line LED changes
from green to off. The UPS is now in Bypass mode.
If the input breaker is turned off while UPS is in the bypass state, the output power stops.
Any load devices will lose power.
Ensure that all sensitive loads have been previously shut down.
To completely stop the UPS, open the input breaker MCCB, the secondary Input breaker (if available), and the External
Battery Cabinet breaker (if available).
Restore System Power after an EPO Shutdown
After shutting down the UPS by pressing the EPO switch, restore system power as follows:
1. Ensure the cause of the EPO action has been resolved.
2. Reset the UPS main circuit breaker MCCB, located behind the UPS front door, by first switching the breaker
OFF, then ON.
3. Reset the Battery Cabinet (if any) circuit breaker(s) by first switching the breaker OFF, then ON.
4. Continue the startup procedure as given in Section 13.2.
4400 Series Installation and Operation Manual – 64527-008

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents