Recommended Maintenance Schedule; Daily Maintenance; Weekly Maintenance; Six Month Maintenance - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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7-10. Recommended Maintenance Schedule

7-10-1. Daily maintenance:

1. Check the oil level of lubrication pump. Add more if it is below
low level.
2. Check all lubrication points to see if oil is present?
3. Check coolant pump to see if it is still operational? (6VK only)
4. Remove all movable items from th e machine to reduce the chance of
accidental damaging the machine and injuring the operator.
5. After each day's work, clean the machine 's table, machine's
surfaces and lubricate all moving parts.
6. Spindle taper must be clean and lubricated at the end of each day.

7-10-2. Weekly maintenance:

1. Please use clean rugs or paper towels to clean halogen light,
operation panel and control panel to keep them readable.
2. Clean air filter within cooling fan unit.
3. Make sure spindle taper is smooth and chip -less.
4. Check all lubrication point and lubrication pump to see if they are
function normally?
5. Check coolant level, add if necessary! (6VK only)
6. Listening to sound generated from the machine, pay particular
attention to unusual noise from head housing, spindle and fan!
7. Re-level the machine with precision engineering levels to see if the
machine is still within specification. (Do this for the first three
months after machine's installation!)

7-10-3. Six month maintenance

1. Check taper run-out of spindle to see if it is stil l within accuracy?
2. Check all machine's screws and nuts to see if they are still right?
3. Check tightness of the gibs. Are they still within specification?
4. Inspect all electrical terminals and wires.
normal and functional. Clean the dust within the electric cabinet.
5. Check tension of the V -belt on the top housing.
6. Re-level the machine with precision engineering levels again to
ensure machine's accuracy.
7. Inspect surrounding areas, clean and remove unused items if

7-10-4. Yearly maintenance

1. Check all components on the operation and control panel to see if
they are still sensitive?
2. Remove all carbon deposit on all magnetic contactors.
3. Replace coolant liquid with new one s to reduce chance of
generating odor.
4. Clean and replace lubrication pump's oil reservoir with new
waylube oil.
- 112 -
Make sure they are
Adjust if


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