Environmental Conditions; Safety Precaution - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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Common grounds:
Never ground equipment as
shown in the lower figure (FORBADE!) :

1-3-2. Environmental conditions

Generally, the machine will be installed at the places wi th the following conditions.
However, these may change over a period of time or in response to seasonal
1) Supply voltage
2) Source frequency
3) Ambient temperature : 0℃ to 45℃ (32℉ to 113℉)
4) Relative humidity
Temperature changes should not cause condensation.
5) Atmosphere: Free from excessive dust, acid fumes corrosive gases and salt.
6) It should be avoided to expose the machine to direct sunlight or he at rays which
can change the surrounding temperature.
7) Avoid exposing the milling machine to abnormal vibration.
***If it is difficult to observe or meet these conditions, please contact us

Safety Precaution

This machine is provided with a number of safety devices to protect operator and
equipment from being injured and damaged. Operators should not, however, rely
solely upon these safety devices but should operate the machine after fully
understanding what special precautions to take by rea ding the following details
number of devices connected to the
grounding (Ω)
: 90% to 110% of nominal supply voltage
: ±2hz of nominal frequency
: Less than 80%
- 10 -


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents