Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual page 12

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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Basic Operating Practices
1) Some control panels, transformers, motors junction boxes and other parts have
high-voltage terminals, these should not be touched or a severe electric shock
will be sustained.
2) Do not touch a switch with wet hands. This, too, can cause an electric shock.
1) The emergency stop push -button should be well known so that it can be operated
at any time without having to look for it.
2) Before replacing a fuse, please power off the ma chine.
3) Provide sufficient working space to avoid hazard. To prevent accidents all floors
should be dry and clean.
4) Water or oil can make floors slippery and hazardous. To prevent accidents all
floors should be dry and clean.
5) Before operating switches, pleas e always check that they are the right ones.
6) Never touch a switch accidentally.
7) Work benches near the machine must be strong enough to prevent accidents.
Articles should be prevented from slipping off the bench surface.
8) If a job is to be done by two or mor e persons, coordinating signals should be
given at each step of the operation. Unless a signal is given and acknowledged,
the next step should not be taken.
1) In the event of power failure, turn off the main circuit breaker immediately.
2) Use the recommended lubricants and grease or acceptable equivalents.
3) Replacement fuses should have the proper current ratings.
4) Protect the inverter unit, operation panel (6VK), control panel, etc. from shocks,
since this could cause a failure or malfunction.
5) Do not change parameters, values and other electrical settings unnecessarily. If
such changes are unavoidable, record the values prior to the change so that they
can be returned to their original settings if necessary.
6) Do not soil, scratch or remove the c aution plate. Should it become illegible or
missing, please order another caution plate from the supplier. (Please specify
the part number shown at the lower right of the plate.)
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents