Maintenance Safety Instruction; Installation Precautions - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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5) Always be sure the tool holder or accessory is locat ed correctly on the spindle
taper and it is securely pulled to the face of the spindle.
6) Be sure any item bolted or clamped to a vise or fixture is securely fastened
before starting the spindle.
7) Proper lifting equipmen t should be used for heavy vise s, fixtures, and work
8) Always be aware of that closing vise's jaws may trap fingers or hands.
9) The same safety instructions that apply to power vise s also apply to manual
operated vises. The following additional precautions should be taken when using
a manual vise :
A. Always use spring-loaded, self-ejecting type safety wrenches.
B. Never put an extension bar on a vise wrench or hit with hammer.
C. Always slightly tap the workp iece after clamping with the jaws. This is
done to make sure workpiece is securely tightened to the vise. Without
confirming the tightness, the workpiece may fly out of the vise if the
cutting force is too greater!
10) If a work piece is extended from the vise a distance of 3 to 4 times of its
capacity, without being supported by other means , poor cutting finish will normally
occur. Under no circumsta nces extend an unsupported work piece more than this
amount without supporting with other devices . Doing so can cause the part to bend
or break or flying out!
Maintenance Safety I nstruction
High voltage is used to power the machine; only authorized electricians should
service any electrical component failure. Disconnect main power and lock it in off
position before attempting any repair. Tag disconnect switch "DO NOT START"
1) Read and understand safety instructions for machine operation before servicing
this machine.
2) Know all points where high voltages are present on this machine and in
electrical boxes .
3) Residual voltages can exist in electrical cabinets for a period of time after power
has been turned off. Check any component inside cabinet with a voltmeter
before touching.

Installation Precautions

To ensure the safe operation of the milling machine, note the following during
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Table of Contents

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