Safety Devices; Maintenance Operation Preparations; Maintenance Operation - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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8) Clean the coolant filter and tank routinely.

1-4-9. Safety devices

1) Table guard with doors (optional).
2) Chip pan (6VK only).
3) Column side guard (optional).
4) Travel limit switches (6VK only).
5) Emergency stop push buttons.
Maintenance operation p reparations
1) Do not proceed with any maintenance operation unless being instructed to do by
the foreman.
2) Replacement parts, consumable such as wipers, oil cups, bearings, oil and
grease etc., should be arranged in advance.
3) Prepare to record preventive and corrective maintenance operations.
1) Thoroughly read and understand the safety precautions in the in struction
2) Thoroughly read the whole maintenance manual and fully understand the
principles, constructions and precautions involved.

Maintenance operation

1) Those not engaged in the maintenance work should not operate the main circuit
breaker or the control power ON switch on the operation or control panel. For
this purpose, "Do not touch the switch, maintenance operation in progress" or
similar marking should be indicated on such switches and at any other
appropriates locations, such indicati on should be secured by a semi -permanent
means in a readable manner.
2) With the machine turned on, any maintenance operation can be dangerous. In
principle, the main circuit breaker should be turned off throughout the
maintenance procedure.
1) Maintenance operation should be done by qualified personnel. Keep close
communication with the responsible person. Do not decide by yourself.
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Table of Contents

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