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Safety Instructions; General Safety Instructions For Operating The Machine - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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Do not install, operat e or service this machine until :
1) You have read and understand the safety instructions on the pages that follow.
2) You have read and understand the operator's manual, especially knowing the
function and location of all machine controls, and read manuals on all relative
3) You have read and understand all safety and instruction plates attached to the
machine and its relative accessories.
4) Prior to install or services the machine, please read and un derstand the
maintenance manual.
5) To service the machine, it must be done only by competent and trained
NOTICE: The following safety instructions are general recommendations for
most common operations on a milling machine.
Additional safety measures may be required for your particular application.
Therefore, manufacturer makes no warranty or representation as the absolute
correctness of sufficiency of the instructions.
General Safety Instructions For Operating The M achine
1) The best defense against injuries on a mill ing machine is to be alert. Never
initiate a machine function unless you completely understand what the function
will cause the machine to do.
2) Never operate the machine with any cover and shield opened or removed .
3) Never reach into the work area when the spindle is rotating or if t he machine is
still in running mode.
4) The functions of the machine make it impossible to eliminate all dangerous area.
Be particularly aware of the following cautious points:
* Spindle rotation
* Electric cabinet and power source
* Table and saddle movement
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