Removing The Motor - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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Cross leadscrew adjustment
Crank the saddle to middle position, withdraw 4 screws "D", pull the saddle
forward to expose screws "B", unscrew screw "B" a few turns, slowly turn handle
"C" while tightening adjusting nut until 0.004" or 0.005" is obta ined. Lock screw
"B" into tight position again , move the saddle to front and retighten 4 screws.

7-5 Removing the Motor

Run the head at the lowest speed of both range and shut off the motor. This puts
the V belt in the position for disassembly.
1. DISCONNECT THE POWER and then remove the limit switch from the left side
of the belt housing.
2. Remove the cover (B) at the lower end of the motor shaft.
3. Remove the three screw s and lift out the top bearing cap.
4. Now remove the screw s (D) that fasten the motor to the belt housing. The mot or
should be lifted slightly, tilt away from the spindle and toward the rear end of
the belt housing. This will put the V belt into a loosening position between the
two pulleys, and providing the slack needed to ship the V belt over the motor
5. Now lift the motor high enough to rest the motor bas e GENTLY on the top edge
of the belt housing toward the spindle side . The V belt now can be slipped off
the motor pulley and the motor can be removed from the housing.
Removing motor
Figure 22. Crossfeed leadscrew assembly
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Table of Contents

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