Safety Instructions For Work Holding - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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20) Coolant and oil can make surfaces on the machine slippery. They can also
present an electrical hazard if the machine has power on. For these reasons, please
do not stand on any part of the machine at any time.

1-1-1 Safety instructions for work holding

1) Never run a job on this machine until you are 100% sure the work piece is being
held in such a manner as withstand the centrifugal force from rotation and
cutting forces of the tooling. If there is any doubt, whatsoever, please consult
with your supervisor.
2) A vise is the most common work holding device used on this machine.
the factors affecting the holding device on this machine.
The factors which affec t the holding ability of a vise are:
* Clamping force of the jaws on the vise
* Rotational speed of the spindle
* Type of jaw surface (serrated, smooth, etc.)
* Area of vise holding and configuration of the work piece...shape, weight and
* Vise's weight and location
3) With air or hydraulic actuated power vise (optional accessory), make sure the
jaws are gripping the work securely before they reach the end of their travel.
When using a power vise , please check the hydraulic or air pressure b efore
every operation. Low air pressure will diminish jaw-gripping force, which may
allow the work piece to fly out of the jaws. Excessive pressu re can also damage
a power vise, which could cause a loss of jaw force. The gripping force of a
power vise can be diminished as much as 50% because of lacking of lubrication
or periodic cleaning. Components of a vise are subject to wear and damage
which also can lessen gripping force. Oil the vise at the beginning of every
Please use only the vise manufacturer's recommended lubricant.
A. A weekly examinati on of the condition of the vise should be made. This
examination should include the measurement of jaw clamping force with a
jaw-force gage to insure that the vise is functioning as it is intended.
B. Refer to manufacturer's manual for vise and cylinder for any other
maintenance requirements. As the cutter's R.P.M. increase the gripping
force of the jaws on the vise decreases. The larger the vise opening the
more loss becomes. Various types of vise's jaws are serrated contact
surfaces on work piece. Improper usage could cause serious in jury or death.
Remember-vise gripping a work piece safely involves many variables. If
you have the slightest doubt regarding the safety of your set -up for a job,
please consult with your supervisor.
4) Never operate spindle -mounted accessories over t heir rated speed.
cutting tool or accessory is not supplied by the original maker, please verify the
safety operating speed with the manufacturer.
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