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Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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5) Keep the machine and area around it clean and well lighted. Never allow chips,
coolant or oil to remain on the floor. Do not leave loose objects on and around
the machine.
6) Clothing :
* Wear safety glasses with eye shields at all times. Protect your eyes. Never use a
compressed air house to remove chips from a machine.
* Never wear loose fitting clothing. Remove all jewelry (rings, watches,
necklaces...etc.) since they can be trapped in mov ing parts of the machine.
* Gloves are easily trapped by moving parts. Take them off before turning the
machine on.
* Always wear safety shoes with steel toes and oil -resistant soles.
* Wear a safety helmet when working near overhead hazards.
* If operator has long hair, the hair should always be tucked under a cap or tied
back up.
7) Milling machine are designed to be run by one person.
designated operator should stay out of the machine area during the operation.
8) Take care, not to b ump or accidentally touch the machine control. Doing so can
initiate an unintended machine movement which could cause an injury or a
9) Do not paint, alter, deface or remove any warning plates from the machine.
10) Report any loose, worn or broken parts to your supervisor. The same action
should be taken if any unusual noise or machine action occurs.
11) Never operate the machine after taking strong medication, using non -
prescription drugs, or consuming alcoholic beverages.
which might cause dizziness or fainting, should never operate this machine.
13) The electric components are protected from normal moisture resulting from
humidity use of water base soluble coolant, etc. Do not, however, use water hose to
clean the machine or the area around it.
14) Never touch a machine control device or electrical component when your hand
is wet. Keep flammable liquids and materials away from the work area and chips.
15) Never clean up chips while the machine is running or is in automatic mode.
16) Do not file work pieces while spindle is still rotating under power.
17) At the end of the work day the machine should be p laced in "power off" mode .
18) When restarting a machine after it has been shut down, please always assume it
has been tampered w ith. Recheck all phases of the job as though you were running
the first piece.
19) Never switch-on spindle until hands, feet, and body are well clear of the work
- 6 -
Persons other than the
Persons with illness,


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