Operation; Noise Level - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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1-4-5. Operation

1) Do not work with long hair that can be caught by the machine. Tie it up at the
back and out of the way.
2) Do not operate switches with gloves on. This could cause malfunctions, etc.
3) Whenever a heavy work piece must be moved, two or more persons should
always work together if there is any risk involved.
4) Only trained, qualified workers should operate forklift trucks, cranes or similar
care should be taken to pr event collisions and damage to surroundings.
5) Whenever operating a forklift truck, crane or similar equipment, special care
should be taken to prevent collisions and damage to surroundings.
6) Wire ropes or slings should be strong enough to handle the loads to be lifted
and should conform to the mandatory provision.
7) Grip work pieces securely and tightly.
8) Stop the machine before adjusting the coolant nozzle at the tip (only on 6VK).
9) Never touch a cutting work piece or spindle with bare hands or in any other
10) While a work piece is cutting, do not wipe it off or remove chips with a cloth
or by hand. Always stop the machine first and then use a b rush and a sweeper .
11) Use a brush to remove chips from the tool tip not with bare hands.
12) Stop the machine whenever insta lling or removing a tool.
13) Whenever machining magnesium alloy parts, please wear a protective mask.
1) When performing heavy -duty machining, carefully prevent chips from being
accumulated since hot chips can cause fire.

1-4-6. Noise level

All machineries make sound when operating.
dosimeter, the noise level generated when cutting a work piece on ACER mills is
recorded at 76.07 dB(A). This is documented as follows,
Equivalent A-weighted Sound pressure level according to EN ISO 3746: 76.07
Uncertainty, K in decibels: 4.0 dB (A) according to EN ISO 4871
The figure quoted is emission levels and are not necessarily safe working levels.
Whilst there is a correlatio n between the emission and exposure levels, this cannot
With an assistance from noise
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents