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Unit Operation Is Begun After Maintenance; Warning Signs On The Machine - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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2) Over-travel limit and interlock mechanisms including functional parts should not
be removed or modified.
3) When working at a height level, please use steps or ladders which are maintained
and controlled daily for safety.
4) Fuses, cables, etc. should be made by qualified manufacturers and then they can
be deployed.
Unit operation is begun after m aintenance
1) Arrange tools and items in order around the working area to achieve easy
maintenance, and clean working environment. Wipe water and oil off , and
provide safe working environments.
2) All parts and waste oil should be removed by the operator and placed them fa r
enough away from the machine to be safe.
1) The maintenance person should make sure that the machine operation is safe.
2) Maintenance and inspection data should be recorded and kept for reference.

Warning Signs On The Machine

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents