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Before Powering On The Machine; Routine Inspections - Acer e-mill 3VSII Operation Manual

Vertical turret w/ toshiba & fuji inverter
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1-4-1. Before powering on the machine

Cables, cords or electric wires whose insulation is damaged can cause current leaks
and electric shocks. Before using them on any machine, please check their
1) Be sure the instru ction manual or the operation manual is fully understood.
Every function and operation should be completely clear.
2) Use safety shoes, which are not, damageable by oil, safety goggles with side
covers, safe clothes and other safety protection.
3) Close all electric cabinet doors and table guarding doors (optional) before
switching the machine on .
1) The power cable from the factory power fuse blocks to the machine's main
circuit breaker should have a sufficient cross -sectional area to handle the electric
power used.
2) Cables which have to lie on the floor must be protected against chips so that
short circuit will not occur.
3) Each sliding part must be freshly lubricated before starting to operate the
machine after unpacking or keeping the machine idle for a long period (several
months or more). For initial lubrication and so forth, plea se keep lubricating oil
pump working until oil oozes out from wipers. Contact manufacturer's service
station in connection with what procedure should be taken since it depends on the
type of machine.
4) Oil reservoirs should be filled to indicate levels, c heck and add oil, if necessary.
5) For lubricating points, oil brands and appropriate levels, please se e the
lubrication chart at later section .
6) Switches and handles should operate smoothly.
7) Check the coolant level, and add coolant, if necessary (only for 6VK).
8) When switching the machine on, connect the factory feeder switch to the
machine's circuit breaker, and then turn the power switch to the ON position in this

1-4-2. Routine inspections

When checking V belt tension, please do not get your fingers caught in between the
belt and pulley.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents