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Philips HR7766/13 User Manual Page 12

Philips food processor 800 w compact 4 in 1 setup 2.5 l bowl.
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To avoid spillage, never fill the jar above the maximum level indication, particularly not when you
blend hot liquids.
Close the lid and insert the stopper into the lid.
Select speed 2 to switch on the appliance.
The blender continues to run until you set the control knob to O.
Never put your hand or any object in the jar while the blender is running.
While the appliance is running, you can put liquid or solid ingredients in the blender jar through
the opening in the lid (Fig. 22).
The longer you let the appliance run, the finer the blending result will be.
Pre-cut solid ingredients into smaller pieces before you put them in the blender jar. If you want
to prepare a large quantity, process small batches of ingredients instead of a large quantity at
To crush ice cubes, put the cubes in the jar, close the lid and turn the control knob to the pulse
setting a few times.
Some ingredients, e.g. fruits, are easier to blend if you add some liquid e.g. lemon juice.
When you blend soup, use cooked ingredients.
If you are not satisfied with the results, turn the control knob to the pulse setting a few times to
let the appliance run briefly. You can also try to get a better result by stirring the ingredients with
a spatula (not while the blender is running), or by pouring out some of the contents in order to
process a smaller amount.
When you process a liquid that is hot or tends to foam (e.g. milk), do not put more than 1 litre
in the blender jar to avoid spillage.
If food sticks to the wall of the blender jar, switch off the appliance and unplug it. Then use a
spatula to remove the food from the wall.
You can use the filter to obtain extra finely blended sauces, fresh fruit juices or soy milk. All pips and
skins remain in the filter.
Put the filter in the blender jar (Fig. 23).
Make sure the filter fits properly on the bottom of the jar.
Close the lid to fix the filter.
Put the ingredients in the filter (Fig. 24).
Never fill the filter beyond its metal part. Do not use the filter to process hot ingredients.
Pour water or another liquid (milk, juice, etc.) into the blender jar.
Put the stopper in the lid. (Fig. 25)
Select speed 2 to switch on the appliance.
When you have finished processing, set the control knob to O.
Leave the lid closed, leave the stopper in the lid and leave the filter in the jar.
Remove the blender jar from the motor unit. Pour out the drink through the spout of the
blender jar (Fig. 26).
For optimal results, put the jar with the remaining ingredients (and some liquid, if necessary)
back onto the appliance and let it run for a few more seconds.
Pour out the rest of the drink.


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