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Adding A Cni4 Site In Masterlink Mobile Application - Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual

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7 Configuration

7.6 Adding a CNI4 site in MasterLink mobile application

Before adding the CNI4 device in MasterLink Mobile App, ensure that you are aware of the
Remote Unit ID (RUID) of the Cloud Link 4G Modem. Each CNI4 device has a unique six-digit ID
number that is assigned to it prior to shipment. If the RUID is not specified at the time of shipment,
then the CNI4 device is shipped with an RUID that is the last six digits of the serial number located on
the front label of the Cloud Link 4G Modem. This RUID is used to identify the CNI4 device while
adding a site in the MasterLink Mobile App.
To add a CNI4 site in the MasterLink mobile application:
1. Login to the MasterLink app
3. On the Site Management Screen, enter the site details, and tap
2. Tap Add / Pair Site
3. Use the RUID of Cloud Link to
identify and connect to the site.
4. When you see the Bluetooth
pairing request, tap Pair.
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