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Site Information Items - Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual

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9 Appendix

9.1.2 Site Information Items

Item Name
Ch Item #
Site ID Number Part 1
Default = 00000000
Site ID Number Part 2
Default = 00000000
Instrument S/N
Default = 00000000
Firmware Version
Instrument Baud Rate
0 - 9600 - Default
1 - 4800
2 - 2400
3 - 1200
4 - Not Used
5 - Not Used
6 -19200
7 - 38400
8 - AutoBaud
Instrument Type
Protocol Code A
0 – Send Time-out Errors
1 – Do not send Time-out
Time-out Delay 1
Default = 20
The first eight digits of the user assigned site
identification number. The entry is limited to characters
0-9 only.
"." and "-" are not valid.
Note: All instruments downloaded using Mercury
Instruments Window-based software must be
configured for unique Site ID Numbers at Items 200 and
The second set of eight digits of the site identification
number. These eight digits are combined with the eight
from item 200 to create a 16-digit identification
Factory assigned Instrument Serial Number. Example:
09901234.x9901234 - disregard the leading
zerox99xxxxx - 2 digit year of manufacturexxx01234 - 5
digit sequence number during year of manufacture
A read-only version number indicating the instrument's
operating firmware. The number reported is
automatically updated when a different firmware file is
up loaded into the instrument's FLASH memory.
Codes (0-8) to select the instrument's Baud Rate for
serial communications. When a Cloud Link 4G Modem
is installed, leave the selection set to 2400. For other
communication devices, set the baud rate to match the
baud rate of the connected device. Avoid using
Autobaud unless local connections are the only types of
serial connections to be used. When Autobaud is used,
the instrument will automatically match the baud rate
of the connected computer, otherwise the computer's
baud rate must be set to match that of the instrument.
A read-only numeric code assigned to all Mercury
Instruments products used to identify the particular
type of instrument CNI4 = 8
Codes (0-1) to select if specific Time-out error codes
are transmitted while attempting a serial link Sign-on.
When this item is set to "0", (which is the recommended
setting for most applications) all instrument error codes
are transmitted. When set to "1", the CNI4 will not send
Time-out errors during serial communications. The
selection of "1" is provided as a convenience for some
3rd party communication interfaces.
The time (in seconds) the CNI4 waits for the host device
to send protocol character "ENQ" (Ctrl-E) following the
| 55


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