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Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual page 64

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9 Appendix
Item Name
Ch Item #
2 = Alarm: Instrument / Scheduled:
3 = Instrument (Most Preferred)
Scheduled Call-In Occurred
0 = No, call-in has not occurred -
1 = Yes, call-in has occurred
Scheduled Call-In Phone Number
Call-out Start Time
Default = 00 00 00
Call Out Stop Time
Default = 00 00 00
Call-in Keep Alive Time
Default = 15 minutes
Call-out Repeat Interval
Default = 0
Call-out Keep Alive Time
Default = 0
after the initial hand shake. If a call-in fails, the
instrument is responsible for retrying only until it
receives the "+-+clralms" string from the host.
Thereafter the instrument will not retry if the call is
dropped. (It expects the host to do so.)
Instrument: Instrument is responsible for retrying
failed call-ins. For alarm call-ins, the call is
considered successful when a sign-off command is
received at the instrument. For scheduled call-ins,
the call is only considered successful if the host
writes a '0' to item 338 (Scheduled Call-in
Occurred). Until that happens, the instrument will
call back after a dropped call, or even after a sign-
off command.
Status of scheduled call-in activity. "1" (Yes)
indicates call-in activity has occurred. "0" (No)
indicates call-in activity has not occurred from the
point in time this item was last reset. Following the
successful transfer of data, this item is intended to
be reset to "0" by the data collection computer just
prior to instrument sign-off. Also see item 336.
User supplied phone number the instrument will
call when the Scheduled Call-in feature is enabled
via items 333 and 486. The time of the scheduled
call is deter- mined by items 334 and 335.
Parameter used to set the time of day to start the
call-out cycle when using modem power control.
User supplied time during the calendar day that
Modem Power Control (enabled via item 484) will
end. Also see item 490 for Start Time.
User selectable parameter to set the amount of
time (in minutes) to leave the communication
system (i.e. modem) powered up after an Alarm or
Scheduled call-in. The purpose of this feature is to
allow for a follow-up call to retrieve additional
information (such as audit trail data) if needed.
User selectable parameter to set the amount of
time (in minutes) to wait until repeating the Call-
out Window set by the Call-out Keep Alive Time
(Item 489).
Note: When used, the value set in Item 488 must be
greater than the value set in Item 489, otherwise
the power control feature is disabled.
User selectable parameter to set the amount of
time (in minutes) that power is be applied to an
external modem, starting at the time-of-day set
| 60


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