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Glossary - Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual

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10 Glossary

A mobile communications standard
Accumulated Volume
Totalized Accumulated Volume based on
the volume signal connected to its input.
Activity Log
This function is used to quickly view the
Activity Log on screen. Please note that
this log is different from the Event Log
because this log mainly focuses on
software activity (and some firmware
activity) where the Event Log function
records activity that is directly linked to
and maintained within the instrument.
Alarm Log
The alarm log contains descriptions of
all significant problems detected by the
Access Point Name (APN) is the name of
a gateway between a mobile network and
host system. The cellular device
requesting a data connection must be
configured with an APN to communicate
with the carrier. Based on the APN used,
the mobile carrier assigns an IP address
to the device. Device IP addresss
assigned from carrier are categorized
into two types i.e. Dynamic and static IP
address. Type of IP address assigned to
the device depends on the APN
configured to the device. For static IP
address,a special SIM cards need to be
procured from the carrier with agreed
dataplan. Carriers support two types of
network toplogy - public and private
network. If the data collection system
and the cellular devices are to be
deployed in private network, the sevice
provider can implement a network which
connects to private network without
disturbing existing network topology. In
this deployement special SIM cards are
required which are configured with a
private APN provided by the carrier.
Audit Trail
You can use the 'Audit Trail' tab to view
and download Audit Trial data from the
instrument. The term "Audit Trail" has
different meanings in MasterLink
Software Application that depend on the
type of connected instrument.
Baud rate
The baud rate is the rate at which
information is transferred in a
communication channel. In the serial
port context, "9600 baud" means that the
serial port is capable of transferring a
maximum of 9600 bits per second.
CA Certificate
A Certification Authority (CA) is a trusted
entity that issues electronic documents
that verify a digital entity's identity on
the Internet.
Client Certificate
A client certificate is a type of digital
certificate that is used by client systems
to make authenticated requests to a
remote server.
Diagnostic log report
Displays log files containing messages
that record all types of events, including
startup and shutdown information,
errors, warning messages, and access
Permanent software programmed into a
read-only memory.
FixedFactor Value
The FixedFactor scaling is normally used
to adjust the accumulated volume for a
10 Glossary
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