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Call-In And Call-Out - Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual

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9 Appendix
Item Name
Ch Item #
Output (Default)
1 - Modem Power
Alarm Call-In Phone
User supplied phone
number to be dialed
on all Alarm calls-in

9.1.7 Call-in and Call-out

The CNI4 can receive host-initiated calls (Call-out) or provide instrument-initiated calls (Call-in). Call-in
type calls can be the result of an instrument Alarm, a Scheduled call, or by 'Forcing-a-call' by swiping a
magnet next to the reed switch (figure below). The 'Force-a-call' function can only be used if item 333
(Call-In Trigger) is set to Alarm Call-in. If instrument-initiated calls fail to connect to a host system,
primary and secondary call-in retries are activated in an effort to complete the call-in process.
The CNI4 can receive Call-outs by configuring the Cloud Link 4G Modem to function in
MiWireless mode, and in this scenario the Cloud Link 4G Modem must be connected to external power
Item Name
Ch Item #
Call-In Trigger
0 - No Call-in
1 - Alarm Call-in Only
2 - Scheduled Call-in Only -
3 - Alarm & Scheduled Call-in
Scheduled Call-In Date
Default = 01-01-04
Scheduled Call-In Time
Default = 12 00 00
Call-In Retry By:
0 = Host - Default
1 = Alarm: Host / Scheduled:
provide a Form-A control signal to activate DC power to an
external, battery-operated device, such as a cellular or external
modem. When configured for Power Control, use items 485 &
487 - 490 to define how and when power is to be applied to the
external device.
Codes (0-3) to select the activity that will cause the
instrument to make a call into a host system.
Date of the next scheduled call-in. When used, this
parameter is normally incremented to the next
calendar date by the host data collection computer
so that a future call-in will occur.
Time of the next scheduled call-in. When used, this
parameter is normally set once and then reused for
the next day's call-in. However, the data collection
computer might make slight adjustments to
optimize call throughput if scheduling a large
number of units.
Codes (0-3) to select the retry strategy that is to be
implemented by the instrument based on the
following guidelines;
Host: Host is responsible for retrying failed call-ins
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