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Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual page 76

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9 Appendix
Illustrated below is the UMB index without the front covers or enclosure housing. To change the direction
of rotation, first remove the odometer. This is accomplished by removing the screw on the top left corner
after which the odometer can be pulled out straight.
Figure 9-4: Internal View of the Index Base
A small Allen wrench tool is included with the index. Loosen the set screws on the top and bottom miter
gears and swap the gear that engages. Shift the gear set upwards for meters with CW rotation and down
for meters with CCW rotation. See the gear detail drawing below. After the gears are securely set, check
for good gear engagement that is neither too loose (causing gear skipping) or too tight (causing gear
binding). Then reinstall the odometer.
Figure 9-5: Rotation Gears within the Index Base
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