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Configuring A Cloud Link 4G Modem Using Serial Connection - Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual

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7 Configuration

7.3 Configuring a Cloud Link 4G Modem using serial connection

To configure the Cloud Link 4G Modem using serial connection:
1. Disconnect the male connector of the USB to serial cable that was previously connected to the
Pulse Accumulator.
2. Insert the male connector, so far unused, of the USB-to-serial cable into the female RS232
connector slot on the Cloud Link.
3. Connect the USB end of the serial cable to a PC running the MasterLink R510.xx desktop
4. Launch and login to the MasterLink R510.xx desktop application.
5. Navigate to the Settings menu. In the Communications Setup tab, select the Serial Port Connector
and the Baud Rate (default value = 9600) and Click OK.
If multiple serial port connectors are detected, then ensure that you select the
correct port using the Connector drop-down. Also, ensure that you set the baud rate to
match the baud rate of the connected instrument.
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