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Call Switch; Enclosure Sealing - Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual

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4 Mechanical Assemblies

4.3 Call switch

In the CNI4 device, a CALL  switch (magnetic reed switch) is located inside the left side of the instrument
enclosure, behind the material label. This allows the field technician to initiate a call without the need to
open the door of the unit. A hand-held magnetic wand is simply placed against the outside of the
enclosure for a few seconds.
Figure 4-6: CALL switch

4.4 Enclosure Sealing

You need to open and close the device door to configure the CNi4 device. After configuring the CNI4
instrument, close the device lid and lock the door.
Seal the enclosure either using a conventional lock through the larger hole or by a security wire seal
through the smaller hole.
Hole to lock and
seal the device
Figure 4-7: Enclosure Sealing Options
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