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Battery Replacement - Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual

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5 Electrical Assemblies
To connect the battery packs to the Cloud Link 4G Modem
1. Insert the Cloud Link 4G Modem battery pack into the battery holder provided on the enclosure
door. You can also connect two battery packs in parallel, and install them in place as shown in the
figure below.
2. Tie-wrap the batteries to the metal plate.
3. Connect the female connector from the first battery to the male connector of the second battery.
4. Remove the warning label as shown in the picture, and then remove the dummy battery connector
plug on the Cloud Link.
5. Attach the connector from the second battery to the Cloud Link battery connector.
6. Wrap the extra wire using a cable tie.

5.1.1 Battery Replacement

Batteries must be replaced in non-hazardous location or after ensuring the area is free from hazardous
gases. Before replacing the Pulse Accumulator battery connect the fresh battery to the free-end of the Y-
cable to avoid power interruption.
Replacement of internal battery packs is quick and convenient by pressing left-wards on the large plastic
tab and pulling the pack out. Take care to not lose grip of the battery pack while disconnecting the power
connector from the Pulse Accumulator board.
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