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Connecting The External Pulse Inputs; Usb-To-Serial Cable - Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual

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5 Electrical Assemblies

5.3 Connecting the external pulse inputs

(Applicable for wall-mounted units only)
It is possible to connect a maximum of two external pulse inputs at TB2 (Terminal Block 2) of the Pulse
A 3.5 VDC wetting voltage is provided by each Pulse Accumulator input channel. If the pulse channel is to
be wired to an active device, i.e. transistor-type output, be sure to observe polarity.
To connect the external pulse inputs
1. Remove the housing on the cable gland and route the pulse input(s) cable through it.
2. Unplug the male 4-Pin terminal block connector.
3. Connect the external input pulse wires of the cable into the appropriate slot on the 4-Pin terminal
block connector.
4. Reconnect the 4-Pin terminal block connector.

5.4 USB-to-serial cable

You can use the MasterLink Software (R510.1 or higher) to configure the Pulse Accumulator and the
Cloud Link 4G Modem as two independent sites, using the USB-to-serial cable (40-6147-kit).
One end of the cable has a USB connector and the other end includes a male and female connector. The
male (black) connector connects to the Cloud Link 4G Modem, and the female (green) connector connects
to the Pulse Accumulator.
Connector to the
Cloud Link 4G Modem
USB connection
to the PC
Figure 5-2: The USB-to-serial cable (40-6147-kit)
Connector to the
Pulse Accumulator
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