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Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual page 82

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establishing an encrypted link between a
web server and a browser. This link
ensures that all data passed between the
web server and browsers remain private
and integral.
Time Sync
The Time Sync function is used to
synchronize instrument time with host
Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its
predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL),
both frequently referred to as "SSL", are
cryptographic protocols that provide
communications security over a
computer network.
Universal Mounting Bracket
Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry
standard that defines cables, connectors
and communications protocols for
connection, communication, and power
supply between computers and devices.
User IDs and Passcodes
User IDs and Passcodes are used to
login to an instrument. When creating a
user account, assign User ID, and a
Passcode, and assign a role to the new
user. Valid User IDs are 0 through 99
(decimal numeric). Valid passcodes are
00000 through 99999 (decimal numeric).
The Passcode must be 5 digits in length.
Wetting current
Wetting current is the minimum electric
current needing to flow through a
contact to break through the surface film
resistance. The film of oxidation occurs
often in areas with high humidity.
Providing a sufficient amount of wetting
current is a crucial step in designing
systems that use delicate switches with
small contact pressure as sensor inputs.
Failing to do this might result in
switches remaining electrically "open"
when pressed, due to contact oxidation.
Wriggler mechanism
A wriggler device is provided for a gas
meter endpoint or gas meter index as an
interface with a gas meter drive
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