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Meter Mounting - Honeywell CNI4 Operating And Installation Manual

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4 Mechanical Assemblies

4.2.2 Meter Mounting

The UMB (Universal Mounting Bracket) option is used when the index base has to be mounted directly to
a meter. The advantage this option provides is that you can mount the entire instrument without being
concerned about routing external meter pulse signal wires. You can mount the UMB index base on rotary,
turbine, and diaphragm gas meters that have a rotating instrument drive output. This includes American,
Rockwell, Romet, Roots, or Schlumberger meters.
The UMB housing may be rotated about the base plate so that the instrument and index will face in any
of four directions. To mount, remove all four screws (provided with the kit) which attach the base plate to
the bracket housing. Replace and tighten the four screws after repositioning the UMB housing.
Figure 4-2: CNI4 with Universal Mounting Bracket (UMB)
Reference dimensions for the base plate are shown here. All dimensions are in inches.
Figure 4-3: Universal Mounting Bracket (UMB) Hole Pattern
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