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Selecting Peak Or Demand - LG V-NET PQCPC22N0 Installation & User Manual

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Selecting Peak or Demand

The ACP offers the function to manage the power consumed by the connected air conditioner,
by which the electric charges can be effectively saved. The ACP offers two functions to limit the
maximum power consumption of the air conditioner as follows:
- Peak: The maximum power consumption of the air conditioner can be managed by setting the
maximum usage operation ratio in the ACP.
- Demand: It is set when it interfaces with AC Manger.
When this function is set, the maximum usage operation ratio can be set in AC Manager to
manage the maximum power consumption of the air conditioner.
One of these two methods can be selected and used in the ACP. And, if it is set by the menu of
the ACP, the UI screen is differently displayed when accessing the web screen to set the func-
tion. The ACP should be set to the Demand function for the following cases:
- Interfacing with the AC Manager
Default value
• The default value at factory ship-out is set to Peak.
Change the power control method as follows:
- When you press 'SET' button, menu screen will be displayed. Use up and down (▲, ▼) but-
tons of the ACP to select [Contents], and press "SET" button again. While [Peak/Demand] is
selected, pressing "SET" button will display the screen to select peak or demand method.
Click SET
Click SET
Installing ACP


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