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Connecting Rs-485 Cable To The Acp; Fixing The Acp To The Wall - LG V-NET PQCPC22N0 Installation & User Manual

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Installing ACP

Fixing the ACP to the wall

ACP can be installed by fixing to the wall. To install the ACP in an adequate place, proceed ac-
cording to the following explanation. It explains here on how to install the ACP with the example
of installing the ACP on the wall.
- Decide the space to install the ACP.
Before installing the ACP, check if it is the adequate place to connect the ACP with the power,
RS-485, and LAN cable.
- Fix to the wall using the driver. It can be fixed as in the following figure according to the loca-
tion to install.

Connecting RS-485 cable to the ACP

After fixing the ACP in the installation place, RS-485 cable that was connected to PI485 shall be
connected to the ACP. To connect RS-485 cable to the ACP, proceed as the following order.
- First, among the connectors that can be connected to the ACP, connect the end of RS-485
cable connected to BUS-A of PI485 to Tx part. Next, connect the end of RS-485 cable con-
nected to BUS-B of PI485 to Rx part.
- RS-485 cable that was connected to PI485 shall be connected to CH port (RS-485 port) of the
Plug the connector connecting RS-485 cable into one of CH1 ~ CH4 ports.
There are 1~6 CH ports, and it must be plugged into one of 1~4 ports for use.


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