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Indoor Unit Priority Control Setting - LG V-NET PQCPC22N0 Installation & User Manual

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Indoor unit priority control setting

Control method during Peak/demand operation
You can select the control method during peak operation or demand operation.
When you select priority control method, peak mode operation will start from the indoor unit with
lower priority when the current usage exceeds the target value.
When you select outdoor unit capacity control method, outdoor unit capacity is adjusted accord-
ing to the set operation ratio.
• It is set to 'priority control' method as a default.
When you press [Default] button, group is created based on the outdoor unit input in the installa-
tion status.
For peak control to operate effectively, it is best to create the group in the units of outdoor unit.
It is recommended to use the default setting as it is, if possible.
You may create a group by combining several outdoor units, or make a separate group for cases
such as VIP rooms with a higher priority for management.
Changing priority
Recover previous information
Saving and cancel
When the change of peak group is completed, you must press [save] button to save the edited
information in the ACP.
If you press [cancel] button, the screen will be closed, and the changed contents will not be
During the peak control, you can assign priority to each group.
Priorities have 5 stages of "Level 1", "Level 2", "Level 3", "Level
4", and "Level 5", and you can select the group with the mouse and
change the priority on the right.
(Level 5 is the top priority)
After the change, you must press [Apply] button.
When you press [Revert] button, peak group information edited
so far will be deleted, and it will bring back the peak group infor-
mation saved in the ACP at the last time.
Operating ACP with ACCS


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