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Setting The Schedule - LG V-NET PQCPC22N0 Installation & User Manual

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Setting the schedule

It is the function to perform the reserved operation at the specified time by specifying the opera-
tion of the air conditioner. For example, for the case of the school, the air conditioner automati-
cally starts and stops at the specified time by setting the schedule to attending school and
returning home.
The unnecessary operation and management cost of the air conditioner can be reduced by this
schedule function, and it can effectively save the energy because it is used only when necessary.
Schedule can be set by logging in as super user or manager.
Saving after the system setup
• When 'group setting completed' button is pressed in 'system setting' menu, all schedule in-
formation currently set will be initialized, so be careful.
Time of ACP
• When a user access ACP through web browser, the time of PC and ACP are automatically
synchronized, and ACP executes schedule function based on this time. Therefore, always
maintain the time of PC to be the current time.
Schedule maintenance time
• When setting the schedule, 1~3 minute schedule setting is maintained for time the actual
schedule is set.
• For example, when you set the schedule for the unit to be turned off at 5:00, the operation
is turned off from 5:00 to 5:03. Therefore even when you try to operate the unit with the
wired remote controller, it may be turned off.
Operating ACP with ACCS


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