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LG V-NET PQCPC22N0 Installation & User Manual page 120

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When the ventilation equipment is displayed as a network error state (code 242) in LG ACCS of the ACP
When the ventilation equipment is displayed as a network error state (code 242) as followed, in
LG ACCS, which is the web server program of the ACP, please check the following categories.
- Check if the BUS-A and BUS-B of RS-485 cable are incorrectly connected.
- Check if there is a communication defect between the remote controller and the indoor unit.
- Check if the PI485 DIP switch is incorrectly set.
- Check if the indoor unit address for the central control is not set.
The CH242 (network error) keeps occurring and disappearing in the ACP controller.
- Case of incorrect connection of RS-485 communication line
If each communication line is connected altogether as in the following figure, the communication
line must be separated.
- Duplicate setting of the indoor unit address
It is the case of two or more indoor units are set with the same address. It may be the case of
several indoor units having the default address 00 by not setting the central control address from
the beginning for some indoor units.
In such case, assign unique address to each indoor unit not to have indoor unit with a duplicate


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