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Controlling The Peak Operation Ratio - LG V-NET PQCPC22N0 Installation & User Manual

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Controlling the peak operation ratio

It maintains the consumed power to be kept lower than or equal to the target power by monitor-
ing the power consumption of the air conditioner. Peak operation ratio control function can con-
trol with two methods according to the set peak operation rules to save energy.
The first is to stop or operate with wind only operation in turn to satisfy the peak operation ratio
set by the user, and the second is to adjust the cooling/heating performance of the outdoor unit
without stopping the indoor unit operation to satisfy the peak operation ratio.
Peak operation ratio control function has the following advantages:
- Centrally control all installed air conditioners by using the computer screen.
- Monitor and control the peak operation ratio for 24 hours a day.
- Easily perform controlling and monitoring.
- Set the peak control function operation ratio (%).
- Control the operation switching period (5~15 minutes) of the air conditioner.
- Set the peak group to give priorities of 5 stages for each group
(Priorities have 5 stages of very low, low, normal, high, and very high, and the very low is the
first controlled group.)
Changing the operation type
• Please refer to 'page 69' peak group setting for the change of indoor unit priority and out-
door capacity control method of peak operation ratio control function.
When ACP interfaces with AC Manager
• When the ACP is interconnected with the AC Manager, set Demand as ACP setting.
• The ACP operates according to the demand setting of the AC Manager.
When cooling/heating is not running well
• Check the desired operation ratio setting of the peak power control.
• Cooling or heating may not run well according to the desired operation ratio.
Operating ACP with ACCS


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