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LG V-NET PQCPC22N0 Installation & User Manual page 22

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Operating ACP with ACCS
Temp. Range
Set the maximum/minimum temperature limit of the indoor where air conditioner is installed.
The maximum/minimum temperature can be set by clicking ▲ button or ▼ button.
The maximum temperature can be set with the range of 18°C~30°C, and the minimum tempera-
ture can be set with the range of 16°C~30°C.
Maximum temperature cannot be lower than the minimum temperature.
Desired temperature & temperature limit
• The desired temperature is automatically changed when temperature limit range is changed
to prevent going outside the temperature limit range.
• Since the desired temperature range is 18°C~30°C, even if the minimum temperature of
temperature limit is 16°C, the desired temperature cannot go under 18°C.
Running & Stopping the operation
Click Run or Stop button to start or stop the air conditioner.
Operate the air conditioner according to the set value.
Stop the operating air conditioner.
When a stopped indoor unit does not perform the central control command
• Some old model indoor units may not follow the central control command while it is not in operation.
• Therefore, you can order while it is in operation.
• For example, to change the set temperature and air direction of a stopped indoor unit, the set tempera-
ture and air direction of the corresponding indoor unit may not be changed. In such case, if you change
the set temperature and air direction while the corresponding indoor unit is in operation, it will be
reflected properly to the indoor unit.
• With the same principle, for some indoor units, when the indoor unit in cooling operation with set air
direction is stopped, the air direction is stopped. And if the user starts the corresponding indoor unit
without setting air direction, the Auto Swing still remains at stopped state.


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