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Indoor Unit Priority Control Method - LG V-NET PQCPC22N0 Installation & User Manual

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Operating ACP with ACCS

Indoor unit priority control method

The air conditioner operated forcefully by indoor unit priority control method operates in wind
only mode during the cooling operation, and stops during heating operation.
But, peak operation period setting minimized the inconvenience of the user.
Also, when the air conditioner is forcefully operated by this function, it uses the automatic control
of central control method, so individual air conditioner cannot be controlled. But, if the current op-
eration status uses the power less than the target operation ratio value, individual air conditioner
can be controlled.
To control peak operation ratio, click 'Peak Control' menu at the top of LG ACCS.
When you click 'Peak Control' menu, the following control screen appears.
(When priority control method is selected in peak group setting screen)
When there is no Peak Control menu
• If there is no 'Peak Control' menu in ACCS menu of the ACP that does not interface AC
Manager, and there is 'demand' menu instead, change the setting of the ACP by referring
to 'selecting peak or demand'.
When peak operation ratio control function is used
• If peak operation ratio control function is used, the function shall be used or set after the
current information for 'Current Operating Rate' and 'Current' category are displayed on
the screen. The display of the power information may be delayed according to the net-
work environment.


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