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Setting The System - LG V-NET PQCPC22N0 Installation & User Manual

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Operating ACP with ACCS

Setting the system

For the following cases, the air conditioner or the ventilator should be registered at or deleted
from the system by LG ACCS.
- Installing the ACP for the first time
- Adding a new air conditioner or ventilator
- Changing the existing air conditioner or ventilator information
- Deleting the existing air conditioner or ventilator
The air conditioner can be registered or deleted in 'Setting' menu of LG ACCS.
Setting group name when the ACP interfaces with AC Manager
• The ACP and AC manager has different group management boundaries, so if group name
is changed and saved in AC Manager, it is not reflected to the ACP, and the default value is
saved in the ACP.
Therefore, to change the group name of the ACP, first save the setting information in AC
Manager, send the information, and access the ACP to change the group name with the
desired name.
System Setting
• 'Setting menu' is used for installing the product. Because the product should be installed
by the professional engineer with knowledge on the air conditioner, the user should not op-
erate this menu with his or her own discretion.
When ACP interfaces with AC Manager
• When the ACP interfaces with AC Manager, if the system is set by LG ACCS of the ACP, it
may cause the malfunction of the air conditioner. To interface the ACP with AC Manager,
set the system through the AC Manager.


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