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Connecting A Wireless Probe; Problems Connecting - Siemens ACUSON Freestyle User Manual

Diagnostic ultrasound system.
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Connecting a Wireless Probe

NOTE: For important information about the Wireless Signal Quality meter and
the Average Noise Level index which are displayed during wireless scanning, see
"Wireless Signal Quality" on page 6-6 in this chapter.
To connect a wireless probe to the system:
With the console unit powered on, hold the probe within three meters of the console, with
a line-of-sight to the front of the console, and without obstructions between the probe and
the console.
Turn the probe on by continuously pressing both circular buttons on the probe until you
hear a beep that indicates the probe is powered on. The probe sends a signal to the
console requesting the connection. The console displays this message: "Connecting to
Probe" with the unique probe ID number, and sends a return signal which establishes the
When the connection is made, the console screen displays this message: "Wireless
connection established."
Next, the message "Configuring System" is displayed and the console will beep. The
console screen will show the probe battery symbol. You can now begin real-time
This process normally takes under three seconds to complete.

Problems Connecting

If the probe and console cannot establish a connection within ten seconds, the process is
terminated and the probe is automatically powered off.
The console displays a status message: "Wireless connection timed out."
This situation can occur due to improper probe/console positioning. Check your equipment
setup, then repeat the connection process by turning the probe back on again.
NOTE: For proper probe/console positioning, follow the instructions described in
"Equipment Setup for Optimal Scanning" on page 6-4.
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